Love You Later ‘PCH Rollercoaster’ : Truth. The PCH always brings that vibe that anyone can love.

Love You Later

Although Love You Later is currently based in Nashville, she is a Southern California-native at heart. Living thousands of miles away from comfort, it’s easy to yearn for times before quarantining was normalcy and reminisce on the beautiful scenic Pacific Coast Highway drive on the west coast — even with its notorious traffic.

“This may be a love song about the west coast, but I want it to mean something special to everyone who hears it in hopes that they, too, will crave a drive with the windows down, screaming ‘I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love…’” said Love You Later.

The PCH (California’s Pacific Coast Highway) has always been a safe place; somewhere to drive alone with the windows rolled down and no destination, a therapeutic experience to say the least. “PCH Rollercoaster” was written in hopes of sharing her cathartic experience and bittersweet sentiments with her listeners, no matter what road they are driving on.

“Driving down the Pacific Coast Highway gives me that safe, free, euphoric feeling no matter the day of the week – somewhere I drive happily alone, windows rolled down, and no destination.”

Love You Later is peace in love and loving for the love of it. Life is too short and Love You Later, wants to express those most intimate of feelings – right now when we have time.

Lovely indeed.

Love You Later is the project of Lexi Aviles.


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