Lovelast ‘Afterglow’ : Deliberately entangle your emotions, connecting and exuding, to new heights.


“’Afterglow’ is about disintegration,” said Lovelast. “It’s about seeing the unraveling of a love, of a relationship, of a person you care deeply about — and yet, in the middle of that, also remembering why it was so special to you. It’s that bittersweet feeling of knowing you’re losing the person you love, but also knowing you wouldn’t trade anything for the time you had together. So maybe you can’t stop the unraveling; maybe it’s gone too far. But you can still hold onto the memory of the happiness, the moments when the stress wasn’t so overwhelming. Even if it all falls apart, there’s still something beautiful to cling to — something waiting for you in the afterglow.”

Formed in Houston and now based in San Francisco, Lovelast is the indie pop project of singer/songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Cinematic and soaring to the last drop, the synth atmospheres, deliberately entangle your emotions, connecting and exuding, to new heights.

A resounding anthem for and of love, ‘Afterglow’ is of regrets and of return to new visions of living.


Becoming stronger.

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hi friends. this is a longer post than usual for me. this feels like a strange time to be releasing and promoting music. I thought a lot about what to do with this release — what, if anything, I should say about it today. but if you follow me, you’re likely going to see it, and you may want to post about it, and I can’t ignore that, because as a tiny artist I’m grateful for every single time someone listens to and supports my music. there are immensely important things happening in the world right now. black lives matter. black trans lives matter. we have to use any voice we have to continue to shout that message until there is real meaningful change. I’m going to donate 100% of any revenue from this new song, Afterglow, to @colorofchange throughout this pride month. that’s honestly probably not that much, so I’m also giving to them personally. I hope you’ll go and follow them and other organizations like them and donate if you’re able. read, listen, understand, give, try, learn, improve, repeat. that’s where I’m at, at least. thanks for letting me share these songs with you. 🖤🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 (link in bio)

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