LoveLeo ‘LEMONS’ : E equals MC ‘Buh-blammm!’ Leo gets you up and ready for the world.


‘LEMONS’ arrives hot on the heels of his most recent single, ‘Rosie’. Ones To Watch admitted LoveLeo had them “falling for the future of anti pop,” while HYPEBAE praised LoveLeo for his “unique bedroom-pop” sound.

“So I had a whole music video planned for my song ‘LEMONS,’…there was gonna be race cars, explosions, maybe even an elephant, but life decided to give me a lemon…so I made this video entirely in my apartment with my two best friends, a green screen and 127 lemons.”

That’s what he does. LoveLeo takes, literally lemons, and flips them into juicy props that serves their naturally perky existence.

Leo Reilly is LoveLeo and via the 2019 breakout single ‘BOYFREN’ he’s racked up over 12M Spotify streams and 7.5M YouTube views. The tune also went viral on TikTok and captured spots on Spotify’s US Viral 50 and Global Viral 50 Charts. Notable for the now infamous scene of his face on an egg yolk, the single took the internet by storm and earned praise from The Cut, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Ones To Watch, setting the stage for more to come from LoveLeo in 2020.

When Leo was a kid, he got excited when one of his friends made a “really bad” rap song. He’d recorded it directly into the SoundCloud app, which Reilly wasn’t even aware you could do, then shared it out to all of his friends, at which point it took his school by storm.

Now, he’s famous and making better rap and pop songs, pertinent to our daily lives. The order of the day for LoveLeo is the alchemy of life: E equals MC ‘Buh-blammm!’

The over-colored effervescence of LoveLeo is fun as you think. It’s the tact and contrast for the kind of things that drag you down. LoveLeo wants to get you up and ready for the world.



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