Lovely Assistant ‘Last of the Aircraft are Leaving’ : The darkness is highlighted with simmering gratitude. Beautiful retrograde of emotions.

Lovely Assistant

Gorgeous melancholy washes over you with Lovely Assistant’s single ‘Last of the Aircraft are Leaving’. A seemingly lost epitaphs of a life that was, and is, crosses through the threads bare and unbearable for the senses. The single is a charming look into the hardships of madness – in living, in building, in communicating, in maybe thriving.

But ultimately conquering.

Working out of a community centre and a vicarage on the North-east coast of England, revivalist four-piece Lovely Assistant have slow cooked a debut album over the past few years. And with lyrical vibes that are of in the best traditions of bands like The Tragically Hip, Arthur Russell, Prefab Sprout and Elvis Costello, the darkness is highlighted with simmering gratitude. Lovely Assistant’s casual but serious vision for their story telling, thumps with valor in this latest of singles.

Kieran Rafferty, David Turnbull, Annie Griffiths and Matt Hardy, make things go with Lovely Assistant.

Their self-titled debut album drops October 2nd.

Let Lovely Assistant stir up the truth of you and all of us, via the gracious light of their harmonies and lyrical beauty.


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