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Lovemen // Tamuraryo // Ari Orrason // Alfie Templeman // Fallon Cush

Lovemen – Something Magical About You (Live)

“This song emerged – like almost all our songs,” said Lovemen, “from jamming in our rehearsal room. we like to have fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously. we totally love making music together though. this song transports the energy of the three of us just enjoying the music really well. it has a positive upbeat vibe and we think it definitely is a little ‘magical’.” With synthesizers, a cool single note guitar and a cheeky smile to boot, the band of talent and of another era, makes you dance with this fabulously tight and well produced single of excellence. Out of the book of STYX, Queen, Billy Joel and a decade of operatic theater pop-rock, this band of men makes good work of the tongue-in-cheek virtuosity and warm music pleasures. Let’s jam.

Tamuraryo – Cold Night

Off of his LP ‘Innocence Lost’, Tamuraryo’s single ‘Cold Night’ is the Japanese singer’s 1st single cut. Intensity is with his words, seemingly withered in the mis-shaping of life and its little disasters, ‘Cold Night’s emphatic insurgence makes it a beautifying experience in delicate causal attitudes and mystifying vocal attentions. The new artist has just started with an over-performing album in ‘Innocence Lost’, where the creaking of an old piano vibe and ticking of your favorite wind up watch, a vision of continuity blurs the line in his album. A sentimental journey, waiting for discovery.

Ari Orrason – On Time

On Time was the first song released by Singer/Songwriter Ari Orrason and his band. This Remaster came to be when Ari met up with producer Haukur Sindri Karlsson a year later and they decided that the song was lacking in some parts. This remaster is their true vision of the song. We’d written prior: “ARI ORRASON is a unique cat. He’s a unique artist. He’s a unique human being. And all of that wraps up in his gorgeous vocals and guitar playing, manifested. His intricate story is simply divinely described through this delicious acoustic fair. And as you travel through with the song – a trip of fascination and frustrations of another – you nod your head in agreement. An agreement of acknowledgement for the song, its message, it’s delivery, and supple intuitions of notes.” That trend continues with velvety voiced Ari. Kudos, indeed.

Alfie Templeman – Used To Love

Talented 16 year-old Bedfordshire artist Alfie Templeman reveals “Used To Love” – his stunning new single & video (directed by Harvey Frost) on Chess Club Records. Alfie tells it: “I had my first writing session with Kid Harpoon in summer 2019. We came up with a really interesting riff and six hours later it was a record named “Used To Love”. The experience opened my eyes to a whole new dimension of songwriting, how other people approached words and melody. It came together so quickly and effortlessly as we were both on the same page.” Alfie has enjoyed a meteoric rise, which is more than deserved. Previously handpicked by Apple from a global shortlist of rising artists to front their #shotoniphone campaign earlier this year, Templeman has now been announced as a YouTube Foundry artist (following in the footsteps of Dua Lipa and Rosalia) with 60ft billboards bearing his image springing up in New York’s Times Square and in Los Angeles. See him next @ Mirrors Festival on November 2nd in London. Alfie’s here, and you’ll be won over.

Fallon Cush – The Key

Lead single from Australia’s Fallon Cush’s new album ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’ which will release on 6 November 6th. Tom Petty, Ryan Adams, Wilco and The Jayhawks – these voices of music comes to another life in the style of Fallon’s evocative lyrics and stridently understated guitar work on ‘The Key’. It’s warm, understanding, it’s a shoulder to cry on. A song that embues the capabilities of individuals, amplifies with effortless ease the complexity of existence. Relationships. Worth. The album was recorded and mixed at Endomusia Studios surrounded by the Australian bush in the picturesque Blue Mountains west of Sydney by Josh Schuberth with additional recording by Michael Carpenter at Love Hz Studios Sydney. It was mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301 Sydney and produced by Steve Smith. It will be released through the band’s own label, Lightly Toasted Records unless they get a better offer.


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