Lover Lamp ‘Ponyrace (I’m a Little Hoarse)’ : Deliver you from the day-to-day and never leave you asunder.

Love Lamp

‘Ponyrace’ is an over sexed love gift, that get you going to no end. With high attitude pace and effervescence to high-heaven, the gallantry that evokes out of this rock-of-ages will convert you like no one else.

The band is fronted by the enigmatic Dolly Pardon II: “The secret love-child of Aphrodite and Hades who made his way to Earth at the tender age of 42069 – armed with the knowledge that the way humans have been expressing love was entirely wrong – true love can only come from the power of great rock and roll.”

“Dolly formed Lover Lamp by employing the lost souls of the greatest musicians in history (Olivia Mutant John III, Don Buddy Molly, The Famous Paris Thrillton, Dingo Starr Jr, Van Horrorson Sr, and Steve). Lover Lamp aims to give the humans of Earth a brief glimpse of true love and happiness before their souls inevitably suffer in eternal damnation under the rule of Hades himself.”

What else can you say? Right??

‘Ponyrace (I’m A Little Hoarse)’ was recorded at Woodriver Studios and produced and mixed by Joe Andersons (Jacob, Safe Hands). It was mastered by Jay Maas (Propagandhi, Columbus) The song will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, triple j Unearthed, and Youtube.

Lover Lamp is: Dolly Pardon II, Olivia Mutant John III, The Famous Paris Thrillton, Don Buddy Molly, Van Horrorson Sr, Dingo Starr Jr and Steve.

Lover Lamp will: thrill, excite, and envelope.

Lover Lamp can: deliver you from the day-to-day and never leave you asunder.

And most of all, Lover Lamp will encourage you to dance like the dickens, and will tell you to have fun like there’s no tomorrow.


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