Lover ‘Train Station’ : Sophisticated and considered but also unconcerned by pretense.


Some deep soul searching since saw the Bergen (Norway) native return to his routes, releasing his alter-ego Hawkon’s debut LP ‘Vulnerability 1000′. A marriage and baby since have returned the enigmatic writer to his Lover headspace.

The long awaited return, ‘Trainstation’ is an evolution of Lover’s sound: a warm, 80s-inducing synth instrumental that acts as a perfectly balanced, exotic foil for the Norwegian’s burnished falsetto.

Of the release Lover said: “’Train Station’ is about enjoying the ride, not thinking too much about what happens next. We are too concentrated on the future rather than the now; When I go on holiday, when I move, when I’ll be on that stage. Call it a celebration or meditation. The only thing I know is that we need it, more than ever.”

It’s a Prince inspired pop that’s both sophisticated and considered but also unconcerned by pretense – it all melds together to underline Lover as a truly enigmatic, inventive artist.


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