LOVVS ‘King City, Pt. 1’ : Becomes a part of the overall Universe, ready for the next millennia of you.


LOVVS is an inspiration reflected from inspirations. The band will drop their new upcoming debut album, ‘Modern Culture’, July 17th, and there’s a stir about. The stir of excitement and for what gravitates ears to their music. It’s hog grit and juxtaposed effervescent is indie and rock, combining to makes an electro invigoration that is never ever timid.

“Set against a backdrop of esoteric vintage synthesizers and drum machines (with some live drums, bass and percussion)—’Modern Culture’ is an album, with ambitions and desires. Feed it some morsels of affection and it’ll bloom into a carnivorous haunt of sound exotic. Fee it nothing, it becomes a part of the overall Universe, ready for the next millennia of you.

‘King City Pt. 1’ is a sweeping, dance-worthy track reminiscent of the late-aughts indie rock and it is a “pointed critique of the promise of capitalism, and how the institutions of big business, tech, politics, etc. have impacted society and culture”.

It was recorded and mixed from Sept 2018 until Jan 2020 at Tiny Telephone Studios in Oakland, CA—w/ Beau Sorenson engineering and helping produce the entire record. Produced by Beau Sorensen (Death Cab for Cutie, Sparklehorse, Garbage) and recorded at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone studios in Oakland, CA, ‘King City, Pt. 1’ features dreamy guest vocals by dark pop artist Lyrah.

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