Low Class Alien ‘Far Away’ : Look for debut album ‘Babylon’. Revels in the galactic sounds

Low Class Alien

‘Far Away’ describes the desire of a long journey around the world together with the person you love. “It can also be interpreted as the journey of life together as a couple. Take my hand and come with me to places we haven’t been.”

Gianluca Rizzuti, Pascal Sambalé, Joshua Bergamin and Michael Heinz deliver the body blow with ‘Far Away’, as the gravity of sounds that are in the best traditions of alt-rock, the quartet revels in the galactic sounds, and invites all of us to join in the fun.

90s pure energy. Old school sounds. Modern influences with alternative metal uniqueness. The band’s first EP ‘Equalized Society’ was released in august 2019. Only 4 months and a few shows later, the band recorded their debut album at Ghost City Recordings with Nikita Kamprad.

The debut album ‘Babylon’ will be released on September 25th.


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