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Low Hum Shares ‘I Don’t Know Me Like You Do’. “Ooey, gooey goodness.”

Off of his upcoming album ‘Room To Breathe’ (June 7th), the talented and fabulous standards of LOW HUM (Collin Desha) comes at us again with ‘I Don’t Know Me Like You Do’.

The Hawaiian born producer and multi-instrumentalist’s follow up to his self-titled EP is quite the excitement as the single signals a peak into the gooey goodness that his upcoming album could provide.

“‘I Don’t Know Me Like You Do’ is one of my favorite songs on the record, because it reveals a level of honesty from me as a writer,” said Collin. “On the one hand it’s a self-reflective song about figuring out who you are under all the complicated layers, but also realizing that certain things in your life can help you understand that when you may not be able to.”

Introspective and kindly on point, the artist continues to wrangle our interest, as we’d gotten to know his single ‘Strange Love’.

“For this video, I wanted to have a narrative that spoke to the song’s meaning so I wrote a story about a robot finding out who he is by discovering a humanoid mermaid. I loved the idea of a human teaching a robot about how to feel alive. Bryan Lee who also did the animation for “Strange Love”, helped me bring that to life and visually touches on the idea that love and self love comes in all shapes and sizes, which I was very into.”

It’s a good thing that Collin thinks and constructs his songs this way, for it’s always a bag of surprises. The gifts are constant, and when we hit the play button, we’re ALL IN.

You should be too.

Get in.

The LOW HUM climate is other worldly.


Zane Roessell


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