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Low Hum Shares ‘Strange Love’. Full-Length Album ‘Room To Breathe’ Drops June 7th.

Zane Roessell

Grumbling and tumbling, the notes from LOW HUM’s latest ‘Strange Love’ growls at your heels and let’s you know that there is a new horizon on the way. Keep walking, as the feelings put forth by this fuzzed out, guitar driven temporal deviant of a single. It screams, with a dull side of the knife, putting anticipation in what’s about the explode.

On June 7th, the project of Collin Desha, will drop and the debut full-length album ‘Room To Breathe’ from the Hawaiian born producer will (from what we can tell) snap some heads and take down names, afterwards. A follow up from his self-titled EP, it’s easy to see how his work has garnered an immediate accord with his fans.

‘Room To Breathe’ was self produced and tracked with most of the instrument played himself. And in LOW HUM country, that is the way it should be. The innovative concoctions, in bleeding lyrics and existential instrumentation, we hail to the winds of chance, that this will be another fabulous milestone for the artist.

Soundscape and exploration is what LOW HUM is all about, and we dig ‘Strange Love’ to pieces.

Let the engagement amplify, captain.

The fabulous music video animation was done by Bryan Lee, and as told, it was inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘Dr. Strangelove’.

See LOW HUM at The Troubadour in Los Angeles (January 26th) with James Supercave.



Zane Roessell


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