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LOW RIVER Shares ‘The Man That Death Forgot’. “Never Forgotten. Just Absent For A Bit.”

The first song off of LOW RIVER’s third album ‘One Cat – Many Claws’ is this single ‘The Man That Death Forgot’. It is the start of a self-professed discussion on Paul Bardsley’s quest to find what’s-what on the new album. He states that the first record ‘New Mothers’ was ‘raw folk’. He says of his second album ‘Garden’ as ‘finding his contemporary feet’.

For this latest, he admits that he’s ‘still pushing to find the next step’. “A bit slicker in places, more harmonies in places, more influences in places. Country, Rock, Punk, even hints of Rhythm and Blues… it’s all in there.”

But we at CHF thinks when an artist is ‘unsure’, there’s a good chance that something great can happen, as well.

And in this weirdly odd piece of song ‘The Man That Death Forgot’, Paul makes it clear that he’s here to drink whiskey in a crowded bar, but without the Spaghetti Western raw hide boots. The single is a Boulder, on that slight hill that you don’t know if it will rock down, as you walk past it.

It is that ‘slap on the face’ that you expect, closing your eyes, but the ‘slap’ never materializing – torturing you, even further.

The vocal mixing is a mystery to us on this one. But in the wholeness of the song, it makes sense.

We get you Paul.

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