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LOWERCASE Committee – Hope You See

Based out of Las Vegas the cast of musicians named LOWERCASE Committee emerged. Now as brothers Austin, Keenan and Brady Fitzgerald head into their new season, the instrumentals have brightened, with emotional songs that bring us all inside. And inside, we see the affectionate catering of soulful nutrients, ready for consumption and reveling for deliberate absorption. Several years ago, the three decided that their road was in music. Now rebranded and ever eager, the ‘band of brothers’ continue their drive towards that golden horizon. ‘Hope you See’ is one of those steps that delight and brilliantly demonstrate how far they’ve come.


Disco inspired single by NIKO is consistent with what he’s been doing throughout. Direct and succinct, the beckoning questions of love – no matter how short or long – comes into part of his aesthetic stylings. The dance-floor is consumed quickly by ‘Maybe’ and its infectious Euro-dance invigoration. “Just a little more..” is the crux, and when you think about our relationships, it all does come down to that key element. Lust turns into affection; affection turns into love – we all long for it. NIKO does it in song.

Remy Styrk – Winter/Summer

Taken in hand, the boy took her outside of the party. He’d thought of this moment ever since witnessing her silhouette that fateful day. He remembered it as if it was just yesterday. He knew she felt something for him. And as the party was slowing down, in this warm Los Angeles night – under the clear night sky – he turned around and gazed into her eyes. She wasn’t shocked. He kissed her, with the weight of his world, dissipating. She kissed back, with a gentle acknowledgement. The night was beautiful. His life had another meaningful facet to its equation. He’d never forget this moment. ‘Winter/Summer’ is a beautiful pop single that makes all of us just want to dance and live life.

Lupa J – The Crash

We’d called LUPA J (Imogen Jones): “…beautiful, in every way, as a songwriter and presenter of premonitions in music construction.” That was back in September of 2018 when we’d gotten to know her with the single ‘Drift’. And from then and to now, LUPA J has never relented with contradictions or conviction in her musical constructions. And that is evident in her popularity in her native Australia, with 1.4M total streams on Spotify and air play at fabulous music outlets. ‘The Crash’ has you on the balls of your feet, and you can’t wait to make it yours. The agility of the song, combined with LUPA J’s dynamic charm, comes with full and utter attraction for the bliss. Again.

NEMI – Can’t Get Through To You

Classic pop love ballad like ‘Can’t Get Through To You’ is, in itself, that spear right through your heart. It bleeds. It bleeds, in the knowledge that it isn’t enough to be a physical communication. It’s about what happens with the emotional – the mental. All cylinders for love have to connect. If not, there’s a feeling of remorse and downright untrustworthiness. For yourself and for the partner at hand. The vibrant shape of this single is the best of any traditional and modern pop. NEMI just makes it look easy.


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