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Lowercase Numbers – Nick Reinhart Blocked Me on Instagram

Mathrock distributors, LOWERCASE NUMBERS, comes with ‘Nick Reinheart Blocked Me On Instagram’, off of their EP ‘No Songs About Girls’. Poppin’ with the mathematical rock elements you come to expect, the band makes a dash for it with nuance and progressive story telling and ‘viable’ dabbling in none-sense. But is it that? Is it just a jumble of notes, onto a piece of virtual paper? Nope. They make sense. If that world is of LOWERCASE NUMBERS’ own creation. Whoa. Mind blown. Does that mean this listening party is of LOWERCASE NUMBERS’ own doing? We’re just a facet of their imagination? What ever. Oh by the way, the EP is quite good, to say the least.

narou – Money

Balance is a fight for sanity, and in perpetual progress of evolution. Money, love, sweets, greed – some of the things that can cause you to re-think, even after attaining your dreams.
“I wrote “Money” at the beginning of this year with some help of my friend Jack aka Bearcubs. It started out as an instrumental and I ended up recording a bunch of coin sounds because I always had to think of video games or one of those arcade gaming halls while working on the track. I never liked the idea of talking about money in my songs, I am not a rapper, but somehow I ended up doing it on this one. It is mainly because I just recently managed to actually make a living writing music and that is something that I never thought I’d be able to achieve.” ‘Money’ is a song that is a lesson in trying to look more inward. Worth, direction, achievement prospects – self evaluation and of our surroundings is key. NAROU wants to remind us of that.

Tim Ayre – LAXX

Australian musician TIM AYRE’s single ‘LAXX’ is coated in analog synths, carefree melodies, and dang swath of VHS music glitch. The shimmer that comes off of the gentle smirk of the artist, is what ‘LAXX’ is all about. The myriad of psychedelic numbness, sharpened by the vitality of reality, bites you in the butt and makes a red mark. The sight and sound of Tim is of a reflection unto ‘yourself’. And when it’s all over and done, you’re drinking piña colada on the beaches of California, thinking about the snowman you made with your girl in Montreal. What a beautiful, twisted world. Tim makes it that way.

Elly Swope – Habits

Innovative notes just pour out of the fingers and heart of ELLY SWOPE. The Portland mainstay, recording engineer, multi-instrumentalist, keeps it fab, while supporting bands like Deathlist, Sunbathe, and Roseblood, among others. ‘Habits’ is the perfect example of how her head works in constructing songs. With cogent riffs, and lyrics, delicately climbing the Everest of each peak, the confidence is fervent and dastardly gorgeous. Creativity in the chorus is fabulous, as the vocals of Elly, gently wafts in and out with significance. ‘Habits’ was written and recorded by Elly, with Ayal Alves (Saroon, Siren and the Sea, Kelli Schafer) on synthesizer, and mastered by Amy Dragon.

Juicebumps – FRF

“FRF or “Fuck Rob Flores” is a song set in alien truther lore. Birthed from an irony soaked alien-encounter themed Facebook group called ‘ALIEN TRUTHERS: Art and Artifacts from the Abduction’, the song embodies a community that briefly exploded in one corner of the internet garbage dump. It was meant to be a platform for writing and laughing at over-the-top fictitious alien abduction stories – the essence of B-movie sci-fi. It turned into something unforeseen.” What an intro!! The gang in JUICEBUMPS knows how to party. Really. They are party animals, in that they know how to utilize the flat notes to maximum degree. ‘FRF’ is crazy, decadent, and fun. Unlike ‘Rob Flores’. LOL.


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