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Loyal Shares ‘Architect’. “The fantastical meets insta-gorgeous.”

“I was imagining me as a 19-year-old raver in Fabric and the me of 2019 talking to that 19-year-old raver,” said Laurence of LOYAL. “I was envious that its only time, distance and space between me and that 19 year old – a raver that didn’t give a fuck about anything. But a lot has changed, although a lot feels the same – so it’s also about being envious of the 19 year old version of yourself.”

LOYAL’s start to their new chapter and start starts with this earthy and organic house-blend called ‘Architect’. A song of the vibes of youth and revisiting old friends of that emotional nature, ‘Architect’ is an achievement of successfully judging and calibrating multiple genres of dance and pop, inevitably coxing new colors of excitement for its listeners.

Among others, the project has garnered support from the likes of Phil Taggart, Mistajam and Pete Tong.

With a tinge and intrinsically unique sound of the bands like classic Depeche Mode attitude, the more modernized and ambience draped offering of LOYAL hits all the right buttons when listening.

The fantastical meets insta-gorgeous, within this song.

Something good is happening.

Let’s all be part of it.

See LOYAL next at Karma Kafe Norwich UK on October 19.



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