Loyal Liar ‘The End’ : Turning our hearts into puddles of acquiescence and of pure admiration.

Loyal Liar / Photo: Helene Gdl & Peter Rieser

Centennial vibes. Celebratory whims of brooding emotions in clash. With a lyrical arsenal that is confoundingly deep and prickly in empathy, the real debate of love and loss, the song takes an earnest thrust within the lyrics of ‘The End’.

A stripped down lyrical beauty, the lo-fi outfit duo, gushes with talented expertise and confoundingly alluring melancholic effervescence. The Sweden and Austria originating duo, formed in 2017 in Berlin, brings much delight and intellectual substance to the fore.

“Our songwriting has a big focus on somewhat unconventional chords while still trying to make the songs available for the listener. We aim to find a sound that feels authentic and not too overproduced, soft but still rememberable.”

Authentic is just the tip of the iceberg. And as ‘The End’ is part of the now available EP ‘Lost the Ghost’, it is inevitable that their uniquely gorgeous products of personal sweat and blood, will also cast spells as it goes deeper into the year.

The slow, minimalistic song with dark undertones, undulates in both haste and calm, turning our hearts into puddles of acquiescence and of pure admiration.


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