Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria: Condemns slurs against race. Advocates “better ideas”.

On September 28th, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria addressed the Cadet Wing and USAFA Preparatory School today and left no uncertainties that racism has no place at the Academy.

“If you’re outraged by those words then you’re in the right place,” General Silveria said. “You should be outraged not only as an airman, but as a human being.”

“We would be tone deaf not to think about the backdrop of what is going on in our country — things like Charlottesville and Ferguson, the protests in the NFL. That’s why we have a better idea,” he said.

According to the USAF website bio, Maj. Gen. Jay B. Silveria is the Deputy Commander of the:
– U.S. Air Forces Central Command
– Deputy Commander
– Combined Air Force Air Component
– U.S. Central Command, Southwest Asia.

‘As Deputy Commander, the general is responsible for the command and control of air operations in a 20-nation area of responsibility covering Central and Southwest Asia, to include Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan and Operation Inherent Resolve in Iraq and Syria.’

‘General Silveria has flown combat sorties over the Balkans and Iraq and served as Vice Commander at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. He is a command pilot with more than 3,900 hours in the T-37, T-38, F-15C/E, HH-60 and F-35A aircraft.’

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