LUC ‘Extraverdant’ : Pleasures and guilt, a raising of anthems.


She is vocalist, musician, songwriter Kari Kimmel. He is producer, songwriter Joe Corcoran. Together, they are LUC, a futuristic duo from Los Angeles. The duo makes for a continuing and formidable pair of musical fabulousness.

Succinct and divorced of any pretense, the two phenomenal song writers/producers, deliver with a mean punch. “That vibe of uncontested angst, lives up to its name as it reveals itself into the world your pleasing.”

Intertwined in time, the journey of sorrows and happiness, never are far away from each other. LUC makes that gap of decadence in emotions, closer and closer with ‘Extraverdant’.

A song of pleasures and guilt, a raising of anthems, to a personal emphasis – it gleans with effervescent existence.


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