Lucas Lux ‘Girl In My Car’ : It explores a new, softer, lighter sound.

Lucas Lux

Written at a difficult time in his life, this song holds a special place in Lucas’ heart. At a time when all he wanted to do was run away and start a new life with his new girl. His mother, an attorney, gave Lucas the choice of either going back to school, getting a job, or moving out. Lucas ended up moving out, he wanted to spend more time on his passion, his music.

Said Lucas: “Sometimes people around you, even those closest to you won’t understand what’s going on in your heart. What you really need. What really calls you. And only you can choose who you listen to. It’s not easy but at the end of the day you have to live with yourself 24/7.”

‘Girl In My Car’ is Lucas Lux’s second single following the 15k+ streams he received across all platforms on his debut single ‘Someone’. It explores a new, softer, lighter sound. Where his vocals take you on a ride over a smooth production that’s perfect for you to escape in your own world.


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