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Luch Skywlkr // Busu // Marci Phonix // Dax // Drew

Luch Skywlkr – Boost 700

Philadelphia raper LUCH SKYWLKR has an aim for life. To kick it up a notch and kill it for the world to see. “I’m hungry, I gotta get it on..” is the emphatic message of ‘Boost 700’. It’s about not giving up on ‘fightin’. It’s about the struggle and battles won along the way. With flow and crisp execution, the single is both the contrast of ‘being relaxed’, but being a ‘go getter’ at the same moment. We all an be both. LUCH SKYWLKR is too. We all should be. Let’s move it.

Busu – 100k coffin

Featureing ROLE MODEL, BUSU makes it super-fly in ‘100k Coffin’. Cloud-hop or whatever you want to call it, the song has elements that are just innovative to the senses. BUSU’s latest tape ‘Deadbeat Boyfriend Diaries’ got more than its accolades. The tape featured Yung Bans, fyi. With drip sensibilities, and ‘shoegazy’ attitude for the lyrics and arrangement, the ‘rock’ is in the nuances of this rap/hiphop exposition. It’s hot, and you should be IN.

Marci Phonix – Black Friday 2

Lots o’ blood. Perfect for Halloween, but a good family fun, anytime. The dramatic MARCI PHONIX comes at us with another one for the history books. ‘Black Friday’ is the quintessential bookend of a single for the 2018, that, unfortunately has ended. Looking for new things in 2019, we’re glad to jump head first, into the opened jaws of ‘Black Friday’, literally and figuratively. Let the grime in. Let the grime scream. “This is Michael Jackson’s Thriller meets Grime! The only difference is the monsters in my video are real… and they even get honoured and put on the national currency”. Marci’s an entertainer, through and through.

Dax – Dear Black Santa

“The best Christmas rap song of all time!” as DAX put it. We don’t know about that (Run DMC’s ‘Christmas In Hollis’?) but we think it’s right up there. Why? Dax is a fab artist, with humor, talent, gumption, and the musical chops to make things happen. That is one of the reasons ‘Dear Black Santa’ can be up there as one of the most entertaining. And as his signature, for his video he delves in personally into acting and production, to tell a tale about the trials and tribulations of the song. Entertainment to its core, and his fans love it.

Drew – Warm Winter

Illinois artist and rapper, DREW keeps it coming and now with a Christmas special in ‘Warm Winter’. The soulful attention to a nostalgic look at the season for greetings and love. The still teen, maker of rhymes and sultry call for goodness in the world, clearly takes his sound into the next stratosphere. From tight production and the maturation, far beyond his young age, this is only the beginning for DREW and his pop career. Let’s look for him in 2019.


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