Lucia & the Best Boys ‘City Of Angels’ : Get in. The water will boil and you’re into it.

Lucia & The Best Boys

‘City Of Angels’ and the Eternity EP from Lucia & the Best Boys is fab to the hilt. With Pat Benatar and Joan Jett energies plus growl, ‘City Of Angels’ bring the right stuff.

“‘City of Angels’ is for anyone who has ever felt unaccepted in society, and trapped in a mindset of anxiety,” explained frontwoman Lucia Fairfull. “People are constantly judging themselves, others, and comparing the two, which is now intensified by social media. The point is that we do not live in a world full of perfect people (A city of Angels), everyone is entitled to originality, flaws, and no one should feel the need to suppress their personality for the sake of someone else, who probably has also felt the same way.”

Speaking about the EP, Lucia said: “The majority of the songs we have released were mainly inspired by situations I experienced growing up, or me as an outsider looking in on hard times I have seen people around go through. The meaning of each song has developed over time and the lyrics resonate with me on more of a personal level now, compared to when they were written.”

Get in. The water will boil and you’re into it.

Lucia wants you in.

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it’s been 1 month since we released the ETERNITY EP! As I’ve said about 100,000 times, this collection of songs sit very closely to me. The music we had released previous to this was now written around 2 years ago which feels crazy to think about. Its so refreshing to have the opportunity to create something that sounds a little different to what we have created before and also feels very current to me just now. This one song in particular from the EP is the one I feel the strongest emotional connection to. We shared a snippet of this last week but we would love for you to hear the full version as this was the first time we played it live anywhere and it was reaaal special 💖

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