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Lucianblomkamp // And The Beast // Jarle Skavhellen // mimi bay // RUFUS

Lucianblomkamp – SD

Lucianblomkamp shares new single ahead of the upcoming new EP (November 30th). “I’ve always been one to write somewhat dark music, it’s just instinctual and something that comes naturally for whatever reason. Although after years of releasing music I feel pretty confident in that SD is the most dread-filled track I’ve done to date. That applies to both the lyrics and instrumental. It’s just a real sook fest.” Classically trained, with influences stemming from an endless range of genres, his music stands alone in Australia as an artist of true invention and creativity. On ‘SD’, Lucian returns to his darker roots, channeling artists like Nine Inch Nails and Röyksopp, to decimate in pulsating bounce and determination.

And The Beast – Not Human

“A hunger for something real brings out a beast eating its way through people with its ability to please, tease and trick…” And The Beast is German producer Philipp Peltz and Danish singer Amy Horn. And the duo have combined forces in early 2019 to shape their sonic vision of the future past – through music, vision, cathartic antithesis of it all. Warm haunting synth lines broken up by digital soundscapes and complex drum arrangements, all tied together by Amy’s cunning vocal lines that lead through the ambivalent soundscapes pulling strings of the unknown. The unknown. The known. Melting in that un-distinguishable dance of vibe and emotional destruction. To bloom once again.

Jarle Skavhellen – Home By 5

Norwegian singer-songwriter Jarle Skavhellen is back with a brand new single titled ‘Home By 5′. A tale of a working man reassuring that he’ll be home by 5. Skavhellen signed to International label Nettwerk, who then released his stunning debut album, also titled The Ghost In Your Smile in 2018. With an ol’ classic vocal styling, the folk acoustics and rhythms of a different generation, the Bergen based artist delivers with subtle exhuberance and excitement. Dig a little deeper, and gold will be found. The song was produced and recorded by the legendary Tucker Martine (My Moning Jacket, The Decemberists) in Portland, OR.

mimi bay – daydream

Swedish 18-year-old mimi bay references ‘90s lo-fi through a Gen Z scope on triple-single ‘daydreams’. Her subscribers voted for three demos to be finished and then pressed as a 7-inch triple-single. The compilation is led by ‘wyd’, and followed by ‘daydream’ and ‘2am apollo’. She made it for them, as well as the song that sings in this single of curiosity in ‘daydreams’. Gothenburg, Sweden based, Mimi Bergman, the 18 year old multi-instrumentalist and DIY musician makes mince-meat out of substance and shimmer of thoughtless thoughts and emotional pronouncements. Said Mimi: “I’ve wanted to share these songs since they were first demos but they never really had context so to finally share them with whoever wants to listen makes me happy.” From the 18th year, a whole life of experiences are up ahead for Mimi (and of her project). There’s never a distinction for prescience. But she’s aligned herself to accept the fact that, it’ll never be such. And through the heartaches now and to be revealed, she’s okay with it. For now. Sing the hymns with her. Look for more from the songstress.

RUFUS – atlantis

Malaysian born songwriter and producer RUFUS blends upbeat electronic tones, hip-hop inspired swings and percussion, soulful blues and acoustics. “We sunk like atlantis; it could have been real and worked out but what went down was tragic’ being sung and paired with bass tones, orchestral crescendos, vocoders – pairing the perfect combination of pop and electronic genres to convey the euphoric, emotional tone of the song.” The 17 year old singer/songwriter puts his own twist on the modern love-breakup anthem.


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