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Lucide (Nora Ritchie & Samuel Saffery) Due to Release New S/T EP. Get Engrossed in The Beauty.

It’s what we need now, really. Lucide is a folk-pop band made up of Nora Ritchie and Samuel R. Saffery and the rich tapestry woven by the two on the song in the upcoming S/T EP is fabulous. The songs had been played live in their sets for many years (at least that’s what we know of the duo), but the lyrics and presentation is glorious to listen to.

And why not. The world never gets Easier to deal with, so, songs like ‘Ocean of Light’, calms our pulse to meditation pace – stroking, calming, comforting.

The single is one of those nuggets of rainbow filled transactions that is easy to access and easy to love.

It gets you through that difficult time.

It dulls the sharp edges in life’s day to day.

The duo vocals of Nora And Samuel, transports you to another port in our individual minds – in sync, in delight.

It’s delicious to listen to and hug.


Hope in the days to come we can know more about Nora and Samuel’s project.

Buy [HERE]

The EP release is due April 26th.

Facebook (Nora)
Facebook (Samuel)


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