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Lucie Tiger // Gili Portal // Might Be Crimson // Folk Road Show // Spiny Norman

Lucie Tiger – Baby Don’t You Go

After releasing the single, Lucie Tiger will be heading over to the United States to tour Chicago, Nashville, Muscle Shoals, Memphis and Clarksdale – cities and towns that mean so much to her, inspiring and almost magical places. Especially when it comes to Clarksdale, where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil. The Sydney, Australia originating Ameriana Indie-folk artist, brings charm with her voice and whimsy in the lyrics she deals. The traveling artist with bright ambitions for her musical horizon, she drives forward with smiles and faith in her talents. And her talents surely is confirmed. See the vocals of Lucie Tiger play on stage @ Cafe Lounge, with Heirs, Rebel Fox, Rachel & Lisa November 17th.

Gili Portal – Forest

Gili Portal’s debut album is called ‘Stills’ and it’s all about the crazy journey she has been through in the last couple of years, dealing with a rare disease called ‘Stills disease’. Incorporating haunting fiddles with chanting vocals of the inner beast of that day – the day when she’d thought she’d lost it all. Isolated by the life that she’d known, sealing her inside a package, in the hopes of keeping her away from it all. Gili felt violated. Gili felt betrayed. Gili felt unlucky, and angered. But from it all, she’d learned more about herself and how she could rise up to the new challenges that came before her. ‘Forest’ is the gaze deep into that blackness. Then walking, with triumph at one hand, straight out of that forest of the old. A new chapter can begin.

Might Be Crimson – Wavering

Max Björnberg and Ludwig Westby are Might Be Crimson. ‘Wavering’ is the second track from their album ‘Wind Chimes’ – a 7 song album full of flittering waves of classically induced folk guitars and longing vocal lyrical works. The duo live in a place of trying to connect with their song’s inner energies, telling a story, with an untainted revision of heart or memory. The constitutions of human to human, dance on the rivets of each note and selected shimmer of the duo’s chosen paths. The project is a beautiful remembrance of what simplicity can be, when applied the right way. Honest, vibrant, understated, and in all in that unpretentious attitude, of which it clings with love and affection. We’d advise you listen to their album, too.

Folk Road Show – Christian Slater

“This song is our anthem for the millennial generation. The lyrics weave a lengthy tongue and cheek list of reasons for why we haven’t achieved our dreams: from coming from broken homes to wasting all our savings on avocado on toast. If it weren’t for all the options and excuses we allow ourselves in these modern times maybe we could have ruled the world like the early 90s Christian Slater.” Benjamin James Caldwell, Dominique Fricot, Olaf Caarls, and Nicholas Petrowich on this single makes your feelz. The nostalgic comes with realities of what happens in our world of living and staving off the waves of life. Getting by. Not thinking larger. Self-defeating and losing the chances that had been. The chorus and the mix of vocals on this track is to die for. Such an energetic example of song that’s built for the participation of their audience members. Essence of it all, just makes sense. See the band next @ Poppodium Iduna, Drachten Netherlands on November 17th.

Spiny Norman – Broken Man

Spiny Norman is a brand new foursome from The Netherlands. Consisting of Ike and Sander (vocals/guitar/lyrics), Sebastian (keys/backing vocals) and Aron (drums) the band had recently released its first single ‘End of the Season’. The band stated about the latest single ‘Broken Man’: “A tale about a man down on his luck and a friend trying to cheer him up. Let the verses set a hopeful mood, sing along with the cheerful chorus and feel the lonesome despair in the raw and eerie bridges of this alt-pop/retro-rock song!” Hokey, pokey, and tropical at times, the song is a gilded gold pop journey that is hooky and timely. A tinge of Beatles-esque vibe tingles the back of your tongue, as the gentle weeping of the vocal harmonies, calm your soul. Get to know this new and exciting band, with whimsy to spare.


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