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Lucille // FRYDSTADS MARKISER // Gold Spectacles // HOAX // Edie Bens

Lucille – Best of Me

Born in Berlin, Lucille was raised in Germany, the UK, New Zealand and Australia. She said: “Instead of consuming music by radio or records, we created and learnt our own. My exposure to modern music was via the school bus radio in rural NZ – I still love some of those late 80s hit songs to this day”. LUCILLE’s music and in ‘Best Of Me’ is a beckoning wash of the spiritual. The anticipatory, anxiousness of a milestone – in a girl, who wanted to be everything to the one she loves. Emotions and experiences, of love and relationships, peak her curiosity and push her towards the attempt in explaining the mysterious. Connection ensues, and as her vocals accentuate her beautiful vibe, we shutter and cheer her and her song’s protagonists on.


WTF. Yep. That’s what your initial reaction will be listening to RYDSTADS MARKISER’s single, ‘Easily Bored’. Then you snap back, and say, “I dig this.” The song is like an anthem for the characters of The Office (if they needed one). RYDSTADS MARKISER is a one-man band from Norway created by producer/songwriter Jørgen Frydstad. It’s delicious. Ripened guitar lick loops, to the nonchalant vocal parodies, Jørgen’s oddity in his lyrics, with rampant pension for tackling the little limbos of life – this project is, not one, but two thumbs up. With a smily face, of course. Jørgen is a talented musician and crafts his nostalgic and poignant songs with the expertise that is very much under-exposed. Let’s expose FRYDSTADS MARKISER. Oh, and we’d called his work, “fabulous” and that we “love it to bits”. Can’t be that bad, right?

Gold Spectacles – I Can See The Future

We’d called London based collaborative GOLD SPECTACLES is that lunar eclipse of the heart. It starts and it subsequently delivers with poignant story telling and substantive absolution. GOLD SPECTACLES produce songs that are of many spectrum of shade in the pop genre, with optimal vision and plethora of poignant hooks. ‘I Can See The Future’ isn’t any different. Always amazingly produced, the duo producers know how to makes every note count. Listen and you’ll see the light.

HOAX – Could

HOAX is a band that is always refreshing. “‘Could’ is the first snapshot of many narratives told in the forms of songs on the album that opens up a begrudging conversation everyone must eventually come to have with oneself. Questions that highlight the essence of BEING – which if not asked in a timely manner, might result in years and years passing by – until you finally look backwards through a telescope of regret” (Michael Raj & Frantz Cesar). Queens New York originating, and self professed as makers of ’empty pop’, their list of songs are hardly ’empty’. With emotions flowing out of the vocals and from the overall frame of song, the duo are a magnate for accolades and fans. The indie-pop duo has it going on, from here to Sunday. And that’s no lie.

Edie Bens – The First One

Elinor Williams is delectable singer/songwriter EDIE BENS. The Brighton UK based, Welsh artist brightens up a room like no other with her charm and effervescently brooding lyrics. She combines folk/Americana with a heaping of earthy pop sultriness, to great effect and beyond. The honesty has been recognized by ITV, and has been deemed as one to watch. The emerging artist is ready to burst with fabulous catalog of songs, all played with the passion that her lyrics demand.


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