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Lucy Clearwater // Broken Baby // Bubbatrees // Fly My Pretties // Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes

Lucy Clearwater – Say The Word

“On a cold morning at a cabin near Lake Tahoe, I wrote ‘Say The Word’. The guy I was in love with and I had just FaceTimed from LA. He had said he couldn’t see us working out because of our differences in worldview.” Things don’t work out. Or do they? It’s independent of our psyche sometimes, of what had been a wall that just seemed very much transparent and brittle. When he/she was there with you. On your team. On your side of the game of life. Loving and loving like never before. The depth of that love breaks open the world into a whole new dimension. Nothing seems unconquerable. Added Lucy on the single: “But, my feelings were too strong I couldn’t just give up without a fight so I wrote this song, laying it all on the table, putting my heart out on my sleeve.” It’s a fairy tale that delivers on its promise of tragedy. Or at least the promise of such misfortunes. Beautiful singer/songwriter Lucy Clearwater does exactly that with clarity and of charm in this single. Look for her upcoming EP ‘Feel Again’ soon.

Broken Baby – My Head’s A Television

Amber Bollinger and Alex Dezen makes your day. Like Clint Eastwood, doing his gun thing in his westerns. Nothing dumb or nothing precluding – just straight up, sock ’em by the jaws take down of the good, bad, and the ugly with charm and utter smarts. That’s the vibe of what Broken Baby’s single ‘My Head’s A Television’ is to us, when we listen to it. Rockin’ vibes, paced to perfection, the collision of sexiness and raucous deliciousness, meld together to form this colt 6 shooter of a song. Drummer Brian Griffin and bass player Adam Popick, completes this decadent salutation to the mind and soul, as Amber’s vocals chomp at your guts and asks you how much of the blade you’d want in it. You think about it for a second, then you say: “More please!” Rock on, yo. Look for more from the dynamic band.

Bubbatrees – Daddy’s Little Evil

Glasgow’s New Wave trio Bubbatrees return with tantalizing new single ‘Daddy’s Little Evil’. Bubbatrees stated: “In comparison to some songs we have written this song took a lot of time to write and it went through various transitional stages before we settled on a final product. Lyrically the song is about toxicity and evil traits, whether in a relationship or just day to day life. We each have good and bad personality characteristics, and I wanted to convey through the lyrics that this is ok, this is what makes us human.” Samples, synths, guitars and hard-hitting drums, with that caustic drizzle of those soothing vocals, gets your inhibitions from the depths of secrecy to play outside again. The Cure and Tears For Fears come to mind when ‘Daddy’s Little Evil’ casts a small spell on you. But you like it. Just like how she’d predicted. You are a slave…a slave to rock. Andrew Gibb, Kyle Findlay, Martin McGeachie, and Cameron Robertson make up this fab band. Watch out world. Glasgow’s got it goin’ on.

Fly My Pretties – Singing In My Soul

Fly My Pretties evolved into an amorphous entity that claims over 50 members from acts like Lord Echo, The Phoenix Foundation, Trinity Roots, Hollie Smith, Terrible Sons, and many others. Their initial conception was made for the live setting – to provide a unique and immersive experience. Now, years later, they are finally putting their compositions on a proper studio album. Fly My Pretties first entered New Zealanders’ hearts and minds in 2004, with the idea from The Black Seeds front-man Barnaby Weir and Mikee Tucker (Loop). See them next @ Tuia 250 ki Totaranui, Auckland November 23rd.

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – Moon

“Moon is a song about new beginnings,” exclaimed the band. “For us, that beginning was getting back together in the rehearsal space after a 6 month hiatus to write new material. Furthermore, it’s a song about rekindling the spark in the things you are passionate about, but also a celebration of our relationship as a band, the things we’ve been through, and the things we look forward to continue experience together.” Consisting of Elias Mahfoud (vocals, guitar), Siri Sjöberg (vocals, synth), Tilde Hansen (vocals, bass) and Edvin Arleskär (drums), the band that can do anything with your feelings of whims, curiosities, and attitudes, charms their way into your vibes with a folksy and modern wave in ‘Moon’. In SBDE lore, the band started with and ad in 2015 after bassist/vocalist Tilde Hansen tweeted out: “Does anyone/anybody know someone who wants to play in a band together with a bassist and a singer (Siri) that haven’t played in a band for a year and are dying of boredom?” Cool ain’t it? SBDE has had much success in the season after their debut, and with the new early 2020 album to come, they’ll get to have that success, again.


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