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Lucy Leave Shares New Single ‘Look//Listen’ Off Of Upcoming New Album (April 27).

There’s jazz. There’s experimental. And then there’s punk. Mix ’em together, then you get this thing named Lucy Leave. We know, we know. The style is uncanny and un-nameable(?). But holy schnikes, it is fabulous stuff. Somehow when we listen to the single ‘Look//Listen’, the first thing that we thought of was a derivative of some sort of punk. Why was that? Don’t know. But it’s just the soft-ish tones that quell and make conversation between each other, in this other atmospheric tone. And in aggregate, all that just translated to our ears into something to the effect of a punk-ish ‘attitude’. Odd? Yea. We sure are.

New album on its way.

Anywho, they call it ‘jazz-grunge’. But we say ‘refreshing’.

Yes. Refreshing.

As a matter of fact, the band was recently quilted together, based in Oxford UK. The gang states that they are often compared to bands like: Deerhoof, Sebadoh, PiL, Soft Machine, Syd Barrett and Derek Bailey.

How cool is that!

We think, at least in this latest manifestation, the band has tried their darnedest to become a bit more ‘harder’. Their DNA as a band, seems to be relatively from a different kernel of seed. And once digging a bit about their past works, this is true.

The band consists of Jenny Oliver (bass/reeds), Mike Smith (guitars), and Pete Smith (drums). They make up that DNA of differentiating themselves by inserting the ‘rock’ with the right ratio of ‘weird-pop’.

The endless quarrels never dealt a finale. For the white noise of contempt never was resting. It awoke the useless hegemony of silent propagation, on and on and on. We were tire. We were restless. Our evidence of wakeful nights, under our eyeballs, black with pity. Where was the light of redemption? It is here. It is here.

“‘Look//Listen features saxophones, percussion, acoustic guitars, and synths alongside and on-top-of the group’s usual guitar/bass/drums configuration, while all three members tussle over the division of lead vocals throughout.'”

This is good stuff.


What we meant was, it’s ‘good sh*t’!

It’s called ’emphasizing’ folks. The desire to express the happiness in listening to the craft offered by the trio.

Kudos, Jenny/Mike/Pete. Kudos.

We dig it, and we think you should too.



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