Lucy Lu ‘Insomniac’ : Feel the artistry, and its vexing cinematics.

Lucy Lu

Luke – stage name Lucy Lu – was raised on a Peabody Estate in Waterloo, Bower and was more interested in football and friends in his younger years until he stumbled across this calling. “I used to have a piano at my grandparents that I’d fiddle about with as a really young kid,” he said, “but it wasn’t until I was like 14 that I started to give it a proper go.”

With casual looks and excited bated breaths of musical packagings, the London based artist, of resonant talents and a veritable appetite for that innovative sound, he delivers ‘Insomniac’.

“I feel like this is way more pop than the last EP,” Luke added. “I’m trying to be a lot braver, being bolder in the colours that I’m putting up, and the sounds I’m putting out – that’s definitely something I’m pushing for. Listening to Andre 3000 or Pharrell growing up, their brand of pop is very musical, with a lot of character. I feel like they have a wink, a wry side to their music-making. I’m definitely very influenced by that – not taking yourself too seriously, but taking the music itself seriously.”

No matter where and how he gets there, the project that has culminated in the form of Lucy Lu, delivers again with the chill and brooding attitude of the man himself.

Just can’t go wrong.

Feel Lucy Lu’s artistry, and its vexing cinematics.


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