Lucy Whittaker Shares ‘Touch’. “It’s a vibe.”

Lucy Whittaker brings it in this EDM pop, dance extravaganza.

“Touch is about sex, and unapologetically so. I wanted to write a track where I really own my sexuality – I’m not holding back. As women, we are so often made to feel that we shouldn’t be sexual, or should keep quiet about it, and to me this is wrong on so many levels. I wanted Touch to convey the power I felt in the writing process, so we made the beat and bass-line heavier than the songs I’ve released previously – it’s a vibe.”

“As an LGBT person, my sexuality was something I tried to ignore and hide for so long, and Touch is a nod to that. The contrast between the explicit verses and elements of secrecy in the choruses (‘nobody has to know’) was something I wanted to play on, as I’ve definitely felt these conflicting emotions in the past. I feel like my LGBT fanbase who’ve also experienced this will be able to relate.”

You can’t say more about her latest single than how Lucy has done.

The song has a vibe that is from another decade, but delivers in such decadent relevance.

“It’s a vibe” as Lucy stated.

It sure is.



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