Ludvig Moon ‘Nocturnal Jocks’ : Colliding with the inevitable grifts of a more mature life.

Ludvig Moon

‘Nocturnal Jocks’ is a song that goes all the way back to when songwriter Anders released music on Myspace as a teenager. Throughout all these years he was never quiet able to let this song go into the ether. Ten years later. It’s here, for all to enjoy.

Ludvig Moon have become somewhat of a mainstay in the Norwegian indie-scene since releasing their debut EP, ‘Summer Glow’ in 2013. A debut album, ‘Kin’, and EPs, ‘Ludvig Moon’ and ‘All My Friends’ continued the succession of grooves and subtle longitudes of the project.

“When we released our debut album, the band was everyone’s main focus, and everything revolved around that,” the band stated. “An unsuccessful attempt to launch the band in Germany (2017), the cost of keeping seven people on the road, cars breaking down and mounting studio bills caused much of the desire to play in a band to evaporate. We decided that the best idea would be to take a long break. During that time, several of us began to write music individually. Vocals were recorded in living rooms, and songs were written in cabins and on the road. We began to share this new material with one another, and we suddenly had an album.”

Serendipitous? Or is it just a beautiful piece of ingenuity, from necessity? In either case, the world is more happier by the gang in Ludvig Moon in putting this album together, through the frustrations and heartaches.

‘Nocturnal Jocks’ delivers in this visceral calm. A calm of anxiety, and confusion for the ‘morrow. A depiction of the gentler past, colliding with the inevitable grifts of a more mature life. A life that is something to go through, and for some, maybe a formality in contrast to the golden memories of a past so dear.

Sounds like we all can relate.

Look for ‘Vanilla’ soon.

Anders Magnor Killerud, Ole Torstein Hovig, Herman K. Hulleberg, Kristofer Staxrud, Andreas Andre Myrvold, Lydia Popkema and Simen Sandbæk Skari together are Ludvig Moon.

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