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Ludvig The Band’s Enigmatic And Truculent Single ‘Strangers’ Lives On Another Planet.

LUDVIG THE BAND orchestrates music that fits into any kind of other-worldly pop culture avant garde cinema. It’s the mix of genres, with different decades, that makes ‘Strangers’ so delicious. The strings on the solo part of the single brings strong the jazz elements and world music palpitations, doing its damnedest to get us to ‘live’ and ‘thrive’.

Ludvig is unafraid of escaping the normal pop, but retains the balance of arrangement, as complicated or as simple as he’d like.

The charm assault is real in ‘Strangers’, as your mind reels in the 70’s sentimentalities and ravishing colors brought on by the fabulous construction. The inventive artist scores high points in every facet of this single, wanting the listener to repeat, and then repeat some more.

His latest album ‘Plan A’ drops November 16th.


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