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LUI HILL Shares ‘Ancient Dust’. “Deep. Real. Honest.”

LUI HILL’s ‘Ancient Dust’ is deep, real, honest – in asking the right questions, and then spitting it out as a proud soccer mom would to a competitive boy who hit her son on the soccer field.

“How dare you!”

“Sorry, Mrs. Robinson. It’s just a game though.”

“Don’t talk back at me, Ronald! Where’s your mother!?”

Doesn’t make sense to a child. Doesn’t make sense in generalities.

“I tried to make both the light and dark sides of being human as tangible as possible while writing and recording this song. There’s one point where the basic key turns directly from minor into major- This element of surprises is something I see in people and how they react, too” described LUI HILL.

“Are we just too bad inside to do the good things right..”

The music video is directed by Christoph Varga, who seems to have hit all the elements needed to make the video experience where the music dictates. No relief. No remorse.

Just zombie like penance to the cause of the self – who can’t answer the question.

On October 4th, LUI HILL will be playing @ Häkken in Hamburg, Germany.



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