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Lui Peng // Heren Wolf // Tuscan Sun // PRINS // Taylor Grey

Lui Peng – Little Love

The British-Chinese singer/songwriter LUI PENG creatively compliments his affection for the beautiful, dropping hints of love and lust in the notes of his single ‘Little Love’. The landscape’s unique pop-sensibilities make deep marks in the sand, caressing and offering dreamy consequences. His EP ‘Feathers’ is out now.

Heren Wolf – Moonlight

“This song is about a heart that has resisted the storm but that now is broken,” stated HEREN WOLF. “A heart that hopes to reconnect to what it has lost, sooner or later.” London based Italian singer/songwriter relegates initial accounts of reality tot he sidewalk, uplifting the mask of inhibition, in ‘Moonlight’. Anchored by a call of the wild, from the choral vocals, the trips of light and dark flicker like a wafting radiance to witness thereafter.

Tuscan Sun – Feels Like Dying

Using the unique mix of 80’s style guitar chord drive, with the current pop elements of note, TUSCAN SUN makes this ‘Feels Like Dying’ a rendering of sorts for the right moment of a life-time. The single traverses indie-alternative and pop, with ease. From left to right, and right to left, the delectable hooks are irrisistable to the senses. It’s one to take home to mama.

PRINS – Oh Well

Sassafras! What’s the core word you see there? Yes. ‘Sass’ appears like a bold red signage telling you that there’s caution to be heeded. You know, in nature, bright colored species are more likely than not, poisonous in some way? She will be your best reason to be poisoned with music that gravitates your taste like Jupiter, and drives you wild with hooks that even the wildest tigers can’t contain. PRINS is the chic artist from New Zealand and she’s on the way to a whole new level. Her 3rd Ep drops in early 2019.

Taylor Grey – Heathers

‘Heathers’ is the quintessential request of a person who is in crisis, but with pride in her heart, she keeps on trying her best to deal with the world around her. It’s a silent call for help, in the protagonist’s time of need. And she imagines that her savior will be coming soon to rescue her remaining self. But ultimate salvation starts from within, and the ultimate call if for her inner self to recognize and be counted. “Writing music is a form of therapy for me (definitely not the only form, but a pretty important one nonetheless). So that’s what this EP is, it’s just me in my most vulnerable state talking about the things that matter, mean, and hurt the most to me. It’s angry, depressed, shy, excited, and empowered; it’s like a big bath of emotions and I love it.” says Taylor. Her latest EP ‘Grey’ is out now.


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