Lui Salazar ‘Pusher’ : The balance of song and personality, clash at the junction of Lui Salazar.

Luis Salazar

As Lui Salazar deals with the mental strain of young adulthood, the EP ‘Precious Wonderland’ follows him through a series of stress dreams. It is a collection of upbeat fantasies inspired by anxiety, 90s alternative rock, and 60s power-pop. Salazar’s deeply creative style and melodic intuition turn alternate realities into hook-filled songs about drugs, crime, and personal struggles. His tracks show traces of Weezer, Self, The Dandy Warhols, and The Beatles as influences, but his work never slips into the shadows of imitation.

Lui’s parents consider music an important educational tool. When Lui was 4, his parents signed him up for violin lessons. However, he became passionate about 90s and 2000s rock bands after borrowing his eldest sister’s MP3 player. A few weeks later, he picked up his first acoustic guitar. He started guitar lessons and began learning Beatles songs by ear. Lui’s love for The Beatles and all things power-pop never diminished, but instead contributed to his style.

Lui Salazar is an indie rock artist and visual artist based near Chicago. And with the tools of his trade at his fingertips, his ambitions are light, dancey, boppy, and most of all, serious at the core.

The balance of song and personality, clash at the junction of Lui Salazar.


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