Luke De-Sciscio ‘Jamie Song’ : Clamoring in the outmost integrity of love and belonging.

Luke De-Sciscio / Photo: Gerry Hughes

Off of the upcoming album ‘Eucharist’, Luke De-Sciscio’s ‘Jamie Song’ foments on the angles of sight and sound, promising in the new and old; clamoring in the outmost integrity of love and belonging.

‘Eucharist’ is Luke De-Sciscio’s follow up to his recently released album ‘Good Bye Folk Boy’. The second in a trilogy of records, ‘Eucharist’ (April 24th) continues the narrative that began with ‘Folk Boy’.

The single “I’m A Dream Fighting Out Of A Man” garnered praise from NPR’s All Songs Considered with Luke making this year’s NPR Austin 100, which stated: “‘Good Bye Folk Boy’ winnows De-Sciscio’s sound down to skeletal sketches made of little more than an expressive voice, intricately plucked acoustic-guitar strings, and songs that’ll get stuck in your head for days.”

Luke performed five transcendent shows at The New Colossus Festival in New York before the lockdown began.

He’s raring to go at the world, as soon as it’s ready.

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Golden hour for post-folk boy 🌞🥞🌕 What are y’all making of Jamie Song ? I’m so happy to have been able to release that song at this time. The only track of mine on which I’ve ever yet collaborated with someone else, that formed so unexpectedly and in the most natural way I could imagine. I’m lucky to have so many brothers and share my life with so many beautiful souls. To commune, once in a blue moon in the common ground between our 2 minds and hear the song that dances between them is to speak of mutual truth and can only sing deeper into our collective humanity. @dilutino you’re a special one and I know your musical soul has more than one wonder planned for its dance through time . God’s speed sweet prince *boop* (kisses nose) 🤴

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