Luke Ellingson ‘Hospital Bed’ : A world, where that work will live, and maybe even prosper in acceptance.

Luke Ellingson / Photo: HoJun Yu

“‘Hospital Bed’ is the first song I wrote after a conversation I had with Julien Baker in late 2015,” said Noah Silvestry (Luke Ellingson). “I was a freshman in college interviewing Julien about her own debut album for a blog I was writing for at the time, but after the interview we got around to talking about life and creativity. I had been playing drums in a band called Vern Matz at the time, but had never mustered the confidence to make music of my own.”

Feeling as if in a coma, Luke Ellingson was born from the vestiges of the urges a creative feels, in his or her core. A profound surge of angst, in the most dramatic, a bursting level of offerings that needs to get out into the world. A world, where that work will live, and maybe even prosper in acceptance.

Following his departure from Vern Matz, with whom he cut his teeth playing drums on two EPs, the Philadelphia-born New Haven resident finds his voice on his 2020 debut LP, ‘Like Wires Humming’. Drawing on a lifetime of musical fandom and experience, Noah, an architectural designer by day, sings about the challenges of reorienting towards oneself amid relationships gone awry.

Joined by Max Kulicke (Carroll, American Trappist) on lead guitar, and his cousin, Max Mines (Language Please, Megafauna) on bass, Noah and company present a confident musical vision wrought with emotion.

Julien Baker’s humility and encouragement “totally altered my mindset, and I started–slowly and nervously–writing the songs that would become my 2020 debut record, ‘Like Wires Humming’.”

Let’s get out of bed. It’s time to join the living, once again.

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this is how much light there is in a day anymore

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