Luke Ellingson ‘Sick Dream’ : Thrives on the subtle aggression, and you’re a better person for listening to it.

Luke Ellingson

Persisting rock, in the best of it all, writhes in a term of endearment and agnostic revelry. Luke Ellingson’s cream of a single, ‘Sick Dream’, thrives on the subtle aggression, and you’re a better person for listening to it.

“My debut record, ‘Like Wires Humming’ is out… feel like I’ve grown immensely in the year since its completion, but I’m still so proud of these 9 songs,” said Luke. “They represent the first time I gave myself a chance as a singer and songwriter, as well as the first full-length album I produced and mixed front to back. This feels like the right time to thank the people who helped bring these songs to life..”

Continued Luke: “It’s a visceral track about a variety of political anxieties–gun violence, police brutality, climate change, and bigotry–melding the frenetic paranoia of Radiohead with My Bloody Valentine’s wall of guitar noise.”

Luke Ellingson is the alias of 23-year-old songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Silvestry. And with a host of friends and family helping to make the latest album, the project, Luke Ellingson, takes off on a high, and then some.


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