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Luke Sital-Singh’s Beautifully Crafted Hope In Mortality, ‘The Last Day’, Itemizes Life’s Nuances. Perspectives, Heightened.

‘The Last Day’ is a beautifully crafted hope in all of us. The hope of mortality and factual futility of it all, is summed up in a soft and incredulous, song which sings in all our hearts. The wandering minds predicting the movements from birth, to living, to dying. LUKE SITAL-SINGH’s wandering wonder of a voice holds the trembling puddle of water in the palm of our hands. And we’re careful to concentrate, and protect, the dignity of the gentile and fleeting existence.

It is of course the thought and the exercise in the first person angled look into the poignancy of life, and the biologically timed expiration, there of. It’s about the ‘strength’ of going on, and ‘going on’ to live on – to the best of our abilities.

“I had no intention of writing another song about death,” Luke says. “I guess that’s just the happy fun-time guy that I am. I like how a song about the end is coming out first. Putting everything in perspective again as a new phase begins.”

Director Uncle Ginger said of the visuals: “As fans of Luke’s music and approach to songwriting, we were delighted to be asked to create an animation for Luke Sital-Singh. Our animation visually reflects the beautiful narrative woven by Luke’s lyrics, whilst echoing the intimacy, honesty and tenderness of The Last Day.” In April this year, Luke was invited to give a TED Talk at the official TED conference in Vancouver. Luke spoke about the cathartic effect of writing and performing ‘sad’ songs, and performed the tracks “Killing Me” and “Afterneath”.

The mesmerizing talents of the songwriter has been a long tradition for a while now. His efforts of descriptions, in and about life, is captured with the fervor that is seldom equal to his soft aesthetic. But it works.

And it’s something to admire.

Luke was born in west London and is currently based in Bristol with his wife. They will be relocating to Los Angeles in 2019.



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