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Luke Sullivan Jones Shares ‘A Fire From The Dark’. “No Matter How Long The Road.”

The road back to your heart, will take a long time. I know this.

But the road away from you, stretches millennia to nowhere.

There is no Universe, without you.

There is no Me, without you.

The covered heartaches, in my own internal sufferings, dubious and solum – devour my only being.

The archetypical structures, the seven wonders, do no justice.

There is no justice.

In me.

I need to be home.

I want to come home.

To your arms so warm, so welcoming, so soothing.

My heart leaps into my heart, just with one thought of you.

The road is harsh, but I will make it.

Just give me a chance, I’ll be there.

Trust reborn. Made sacred again.

LUKE SULLIVAN JONES is a beautiful songwriter who evokes the kind of folk sensible music which makes you want to think about falling in love again. Especially within this single ‘A Fire From The Dark’, the fiery message of the song, is to take heart; starts with you and things can be overcome.

No matter how long that road might seem.




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