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Lukka – Earth

Waking up at dawn, as the darkness of the desert disappears from view, there, he felt most alive. The cold of the night, making way to the sun-rays of life and meaning, he closes his eyes with a deep heaping breath to take it all in, once more. He is but one of many creatures on this spinning ball of rock. And that ‘rock’ is a symphony of activity, majestic unto itself, demanding of awe and reverence. He felt he was very lucky to witness a short segment of life that exists. The single ‘Earth’ is a very introspective art piece from NYC based artist LUKKA. It is with a theme for our place in this world, as one, as individual pillars of grace. The latest album ‘Encounter’ is available now.

FUR – Angel Eyes

The stars crossed and there she was with her looks and charm, and everything else. She melted the world with her attitude and walked with the kind of fashionable inquisitiveness that we all wondered and followed. “Will she ever be mine?” he thought to himself as he was gazing off into day-dream world. The answer never got to develop in his head. But one day he had his chance to approach this mistress of love. In ‘Angel Eyes’, FUR comes crashing down on our radical passions and describes them like common commodities. But there’s nothing wrong with that assumption, for we ALL have an ‘angel’ to look forward to. The appropriate question is, “Will she/he be yours at the end of the day? Will they know that you are alive? Will they have a chance to love you the way you deserve?” Hard questions boys. Hard questions, indeed. The exciting band quells the classic 60’s Brit-pop sensibilities with modern surf-rock benevolence. Get jangly. It’s good for your soul. Their debut EP will drop February 2019.

Post Lovers – Tiger

Eleni Karageorgou is POST LOVERS and in her project of indie-folk tunes, the dashed and ravishingly drizzling soundscapes make for a powerfully beautiful experience. The spearhead of delight starts and ends with the poignant lyrics from Eleni. The personal interventions of sight and sounds, from memories and approaches to life, is gathered here in this project, successfully circumventing unheralded notions of what’s proper. The consciously crafted tunes help bring Eleni’s stories to the fore, with conviction and artful revelry.

rodolen – shark pool

You can’t go wrong with RODOLEN. He keeps on keepin’ on and we keep on lapping up what he has to offer. In ‘Shark Pool’, his attention to the grand, revitalizes our little notions about the life we lead. With driven synth to put the fact in perspective, and guitar notes to keep the galaxy from flooding in, the rapturous soundscape is hardened and procured for our senses. We’ll be getting deeper into works of RODOLEN again and again, we’re sure.

Jetstream – Delta Blues

American Rock is what JETSTREAM is all about. The best tradition of bands like Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard are mixed with modern synth and effects, create this big sound of JETSTREAM. Live sessions are epic, and with studio sounds that kill it from the first chord. And ‘Delta Blues’ demonstrate this in spades. The ‘bad-ass’ self of your inner hero, comes alive with a song like this. Nothing can get you down. Nothing will take your eyes off of that prize. The bigger than life sound is brought to you by Nolan Frendo, Stu Whitwell, Justin Pou, Tristan Tonna, and Aaron Ignacio.


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