LUME Shares ‘Live With It’. “Journey through a forest of comfort in emptiness.”

From LUME’s sophomore EP ‘Edge Of My Seat’, ‘Live With It’ is a beautiful rendition for the heart. A tantric iridescence, in purple and harmony, LUME’s spacial vocals render the digitized matrix into a journey through a forest of comfort in emptiness.

“The intro feels like a hypnotic mantra to me,” said LUME, “the kind of mantra where you’re having to keep telling yourself that everything will be fine! This mantra keeps repeating in the song, with double choruses desperately repeating, ‘need to live with it’.”

You melt with emotions as she breathes life into ‘Live With It’ from the get go. The sultry convictions deep dive into a momentary relapse of heightened connections, bursting with pops of acknowledgement and pure ecstasy.

‘Live With It’ is a candle for that darkened room; a kernel of hope for where we might go.

Added LUME: “The intro came from riffing into a mic…adding a vocoder plug-in on top, to thicken and morph the sound. We recorded this, and chopped up the best moments, using those as samples, throughout the song.”

In 2018 LUME dropped her debut EP ‘Tip of Your Thumb’ and quickly caught the attention of many key supporters, racking up over 5 million streams in its first year.



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