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Lumie Shares ‘Walk’. “You don’t know what you got, until it’s fading away.”

LUMIE’s single ‘Walk’ is a different take on music. The divisive oddity, pacing antics, rapturous taunting – all combine inquisitively perfectly in this a cappella framed funkadelic insinuation of a song.

The song starts ominously, tilting and suggesting, of a wayward ship. But as the beats coincided – hand-in-hand – with the ‘pulsing’ of the lyrics and looping harmonies, the cement sets giving off a waft of freshness and excitement.

Lumie stated: “‘Walk’ is a song that’s about leaving a toxic relationship that is already meant to be over and this song empowers you to finally walk out the door with a smile on your face knowing you are doing the right thing.”

Home studio produced in Berlin, Germany, the song layers multiple real-world sounds (i.e. stiletto clicks), the ‘power’ of the empowerment perpetrated by the song, heaves you forward, as you hit your own heels in sync.

Troubled relationships, hardships of life-normal, extraordinarily express with gumption and forthrightness in ‘Walk’.

The jaunting uniqueness of her debut single sets her musical career in a fabulous path.



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