Luminous Kid ‘Velvet Meadow’ : Reclaiming happiness with the memories of love, lust, and sexual attentions.

Luminous Kid

Luminous Kid is back with his third queer, bedroom indie pop single “Velvet Meadow” off his upcoming LP, along with a quarantine made music video containing time lapsed images of flowers blooming mixed with vintage homo erotic films from the 80s.

“I went up to a statue of Holy Mary overlooking the mountain village to write songs every morning, and found this cute soft melody and picking pattern and started to improvise lyrics to it. I wrote the song in an hour and giggled throughout the process from the contrast of the sweet melody to the graphic nature of the lyrics. Halfway through the writing process a Colombian lady came up to me asking if I was singing songs about Jesus, to which I replied “Si, señora.”

Velvet Meadow was written one early morning on a hilltop of San Gil in Colombia during a six months trip throughout South America.

From the sounds of nature, and reclaiming happiness with the memories of love, lust, and sexual attentions, the atmosphere of the song penetrates the sensibilities. The intimate secrets bound to maturation, ‘Velvet Meadow’ invites you to see the bigger pictures.


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