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LUNACRE Shares ‘Love Being Lost’.

My horizons, in the far off distance, were never in closing distance at anytime in my life. It was a fruit that was hard to grasp. Nothing came very easy.

Then she came along. Long brunette who swept me off my feet.

Tangled in the woven fabric, of love and her sweet breath. I climbed aboard and never knew what the future held. I pretended that I knew what I was doing, but she knew that she held all the cards.

I wasn’t nervous at this new relationship, for I had, by that time resolved into a dedicated fan.

My loyalty was complete in a fortnight, and there was no ‘escape’.

However, there was zero regret, for She came along, and changed my life, to a suspended animation of bliss and appreciation.

‘Love Being Lost’ is a single off of LUNACRE. It is a beautifully majestical composition of highs and lows of emotional travels, relegating thoughts and feelings into a box of alchemical restitutions.

Give it away, for the very good of it.

Take it in, for the moment of solace, and contemplation.

“The perspective that time gives you is valuable, so it was a blessing to that we ended up with a lot of time to reflect on and revisit ideas.”

The positivity is enthralling on this single, and you should let it sweep you off your feet. Just like she did.



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