Lunar Bird ‘A Walk’ : Evoked in this mixture of expression and delight.

Lunar Bird

Roberta Musillami and Francis George head this beautifully crafted space-pop goodness. And with ‘A Walk’, the visceral canvas for tragedy in love, is evoked in this mixture of expression and delight.

The band stated: “The song is a celebration of the inner strength we possess, when going through difficult times in particular. In fact, it’s a celebration of those hard moments: they constitute a valuable opportunity to flourish. So why is it that we are so afraid of showing our pain?”

Cardiff originating Lunar Bird formed in 2017, and they bring atmospheric dream pop endeavors, masquerading in psychedelia. All of which vapor into a milky dew of rapturous hymns and vocal admirations in story and tale.

They debuted with their EP ‘Daydreamer’ (2018) was well reviewed and played on several radio programs, notably on the Adam Walton show on BBC Music Introducing.

Roberta’s inviting vocals, deliver with deliberate anxiety within the frame of beauty in this single. A sliver of hope, within a galaxy of uncertainties. Matched with the music’s arrangements, the band calms your nerves in a soup of ecstasy.


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