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Lunch Ladies – Love Is Overrated

Coming from the Lunch Ladies’ debut LP, “Down on Sunset Strip”, Love is Overrated is a fabulous take on the lulls and the ups/downs of relationships – presented in a delectable indie-pop-rock ambient cloud package.

In a relationship, nothing is more destructive when it crosses that ‘disappointment’ red-line.

Human feelings like ‘hate’, ‘love’, ‘like’, ‘adoration’ (to name of few) can’t be as poisonous as the feeling of being disappointed with one’s significant other.

It’s a loaded gun. Wait. It’s a loaded gun, with semi-automatic rounds. And the rounds are hollow points. This will destroy tissues, make bigger holes, and certainly (maybe) take the relationship, down hill (like down San Francisco’s famous hills, without the right working brakes).

Once a couple turns that ‘disappointment’ corner, it’s possible that the relationship cannot recover.

Love and affection, equaling a concerted effort to go forward and trying to build a future together is ‘WORK’. It needs tender loving care (TLC), and constant communication and effort. And just like any other worthwhile ‘work’, it needs to receive the attention of both parties.

Yes, it may go fine for a long whiles (due to heroic patience), but may falter and dissolve. It’s just too much weight, without the two main axles (the two partners) working together.

Being Disappointed is the spike in a tire. The future is the highway.

Let’s try to avoid that.

Lunch Ladies hail from Asbury Park NJ, and they’re very, very good.

We dig their stuff. We dig Lunch Ladies.

You should too.



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