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LUNCH Shares ‘Forget Everything’. But We Can’t Forget This Single.

LUNCH is the most important meal of the day. Don’t listen to the contrarians saying that ‘breakfast’ is the most important. It’s not. Especially when with ‘lunch’ you get this crispy edged and flavorful punk single ‘Forget Everything’ with the serving.

Just like a shoulder massage, when you’d never expected it from the new salon you’d visited, LUNCH’s single is an attack on our sometimes dull day.

Our eyes pop open, with newly energized electrons, bursting at the seams, as they particles of our existing reality, says “Adiós. Mañana” as they go pack for the next LUNCH concert. The never ‘excitable’ friends of the microscopic, are always proper and professional.

But all changed when ‘Forget Everything’ came on to the table.

The Philadelphia based rock/pop-punk 3 piece does the greatest thing that we can ever hope for in a punk band: hit us on the face with some fun-ass music, that even our neighbors can love.

We can’t forget, ‘Forget Everything’.

With a 90’s alt-garage beauty, with sultry chords, rectified with pin-points of shimmer and garage-exuberance, the song reminds us of ‘funner’ times at the festival that we might have or just dreamed about. We make out with the significant other we’d gone on that ride. The rollercoaster almost made one of our friends puke. But we all were smiles, at the end of the day.

Jackie Milestone, Johnny Costa and Jordan Seefried makes us just happy with this offering.

And that is the point of it all, ain’t it?

Get excited for this fabulous single from LUNCH.

Obviously, we did.



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