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Lune Rose // The Van T’s // SPRINTS // Caleb Harris // Unroyal

Lune Rose – Can’t Be Sure

LUNE ROSE said: “Can’t Be Sure is about the distorted communication of texting and social media amidst trying to make a long distance relationship work. With no chance to read someone’s body language, and only hearing their tone of voice over the phone, you’re left with an uneasy feeling. You can’t be sure what’s really happening.” A dance and a parlance of language to gain or retain. A glimpse of what we do as human beings, making thing harder, for harder sake. But pride gets in the way. We’re all proud enough that our inner goodness is lessened and diminished, at the detriments of our neighbors. Our friends. Our lovers. But we go on knowing and hoping.

The Van T’s – Control

Glasgow quartet The Van T’s single ‘Control’ is a song that just lives, even if time goes forward. The quashing chords and riffs, deliver the meaty angst and un-divided rapture of what the band can bring. Dancey, beats hit you in the head as the band lead by twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson kicks it into gear and keeps the vibe at 10,000 RPM. Joanne Forbes and Shaun Hood completes the band, and revels in the challenge of keeping indie-rock, rockin’.

SPRINTS – Pathetic

SPRINTS’ single ‘Pathetic’ is classic rock at modern-best. Punchy, raw, thumpin’, and watch out – if you turn your head the wrong way, you’ll be decapitated by the razor-light excellence of the pop-angst lyrics. It’s okay, if you do lose it. It’s in good jest. And when you do lose your head, it’s in it for a good cause – rock and good times, that is. “The song is an ode to a failing relationship and the pitfalls and arguments that follow,” the band stated. The SPRINTS are Karla Chubb, Colm O’Reilly, Sam McCann, and Jack Callan. They are young, fresh, more talented than you’d ever be. Just sayin’.

Caleb Harris – A Day In June

Cornish indie-folk pride and singer/songwriter, CALEB HARRIS, is clarity in disguise. His supple strumming of his guitar whisk you afar into the horizon. Then his absolution in lyrical creations, dangle your sensibilities into an upheaval of self introspection and multiple revisions. Caleb’s expression-full vocals are cast into a heaving shimmer, as the harmonies cling and timbre into existence. Working off the seemingly insurmountable vacuum of the foot-space it occupies, the glorious chorus of ‘A Day In June’ takes over with ample love and empathy. That’s what CALEB brings to the fore. We’d stated previous of his works as: “The enthusiastically captivating lyrical patronage of the soul, keeps the hearts aflutter, as the chords ripe with feelings and emotions.” Caleb’s songs are to die for.

Unroyal – The Sun Feels Weaker Now

Anthemic call to arms single ‘The Sun Feels Weaker Now’ by UNROYAL, is a delightful walk down a sunny day of internal struggles and introspection. Made up of duo Henrik Oja and Adam Olofsson, the project’s single is an embodiment of serene decadence, roped with strength and understated power. The new-wave vibin’ pop thrust of the song is heightened to a new world as the vocals cast an intrinsic and natural embrace in concept. The world is a lot less foreboding, when UNROYAL is on your side. The love you’d not felt in such a long time, seems familiar and comforting, as UNROYAL helps you remember. A warm sine of light, upon your anemic heart, changes for the good.


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