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Lupa J Shares ‘Drift’. “Pan Up To The Face Of A Lonely Heart.”

LUPA J is beautiful, in every way, as a songwriter and presenter of premonitions in music construction. ‘Drift’ is what she does, and does so well. From her debut album ‘Swallow Me Whole’ she continues to plot out the course for a devastating an highly anticipated body of work for all of us to enjoy in early 2019.

The drop of such foreseeable addition to the popular musical discourse is evident in the talent of this Australian talent. She has a vision for what her brand of indie-pop is supposed to be.

Nuance is very important.

And the reason why Lupa J is so easy to like is because of her sense of situations. The capability to build a city, within a city of a song. The clarity in seeing the activities of the individuals within Lupa’s landscape, describes in an ethereal dialect. Focus down from the picture of the Earth. Slowly pan down to the green grass of your lawn. Slowly pan down to the street sidewalk curb. Pan up to the face of a lonely heart.

It’s that kind of journey we feel when listening to ‘Drift’.

It’s that Universal time travel, we all should include in our lives.

It’s what you should be listening to.



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