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Lura & Ruggiero – Slow It Down

Teaming up together since 2015, DJs & producers Lura & Ruggiero followed two complementary paths, one on the ‘djing’ side and the other in music production. Achieving the 1.000.000 streams milestone with ‘Na NaNa’, the duo’s explosive creations went viral in the Electro Pop circuit, with many playlists supports, and they are also hosting major radio shows and touring across France. Slow It Down’ follows Lura & Ruggiero’s win-win formula : Powerful synths and a catchy hook-line, courtesy of a talkbox certainly will throw a Summer Flashback in.

Swanky Tunes – Game Time ft. LexBlaze

Teaming Up With Nssnd for party-ready single ‘Game Time’ by SWANKY TUNES, features LexBlaze on vocals. Sometimes you just want to let the world slide off of your shoulders. No more worries and stress – for a time. Sports and entertainment gets us there where the white-noise of life, politics, war, crimes, and silliness of our modern days, melt away. Sweat it out with. Vadim, Dmitry, and Stanislav are SWANKY TUNES.

Eyht – You

It’s about the drums in ‘You’. The electro-pop endeavor from EYHT, based out of Vienna, Austria, the DJ/Producer comes with fresh new cuts and loops to keep the tinge of modern day EDM vibes, with that silver lining of the past. A fabulous mix and unadulterated exercise in simple composition, sounding large and in charge.

Bros Bros – Red Light

“Red Light is about a toxic relationship between two people claiming to love each other, Bros Bros reveals. What makes the relationship unhealthy is the fact that both of them are not respecting each other’s values and boundaries. Red Light is a symbol for crossing these lines. But there is always a possibility that things can work out when we choose to be patient and wait to drive past the green light.” Bros Bros with 20 year old songstress, Oforios for some tasty vocal works. Their debut EP. ‘The Journey’ will be ready on October 17.

Golf Clap x MASTERIA – Mystery Scene

The two artists wanted to combine the classic, catchy drum and percussion patterns Golf Clap is known for, with MASTERIA’s more experimental sound design and rhythms. The single actually came about while they were all on the way to play Electric Forest this past summer, which they described as quite a mystery scene of its own. Snappy drums and a groovy bass-line gets you in the door and doesn’t let you go.


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